The SUMIFS function in cell D11 adds numbers from column D based on criteria applied to column B and C.


Excel Function Syntax

SUMIFS(sum_range, criteria_range1, criteria1, ...)


Sum_range - A cell reference to a cell range whose numbers you want to sum.

Criteria_range1 - The cell range you want to test Criteria1 for.

Criteria1 - The condition you want to use applied to Criteria_range1 to sum the corresponding cells in Sum_range

[criteria_range2, criteria2] - Optional arguments.

The SUMIFS function in cell D11 sums all corresponding values that begin with B in column B and is Small in column C.


You can use wildcard characters like:

  • * (asterisk) - Matches any length of characters
  • ? (question mark) - Matches any single character

The formula in cell D11 sums numbers in column D based on numbers less than 104 in column B and Small in column C.


You are also allowed to use logical operators like:

  • > larger than
  • < smaller than
  • = equal to
  • <> not equal to

Download Excel *.xlsx file

SUMIFS function.xlsx