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Extract text between words [UDF]
Blake asks: I have a somewhat related question, if you don't mind: I have very large amount of text in […]
Search for a file in folder and subfolders [UDF]
The image above demonstrates a user-defined function in cell range B6:D7 that allows you to search a folder and subfolders […]
Split search value using a delimiter and search for each substring
This article demonstrates formulas and a UDF that searches for values in a table based on concatenated values and returns […]
Count comma separated values
This article demonstrates formulas that count values in cell based on a delimiting character. The image above shows a formula […]
Count unique distinct values by cell color
This article demonstrates a User Defined Function (UDF) that counts unique distinct cell values based on a given cell color. […]
Substitute multiple text strings [UDF]
The SUBSTITUTE and REPLACE functions can only handle one string,  the following User-Defined Function (UDF) allows you to substitute multiple […]
Lookup multiple values in one cell
This article explains how to perform multiple lookups based on values in one cell with a delimiting character using a […]
Learn how to return values based on where you enter the UDF
In this vba tutorial I am going to show you how to return values from an udf, depending on where […]
Extract unique distinct values in a filtered list
This article demonstrates two formulas that extract distinct values from a filtered Excel Table, one formula for Excel 365 subscribers […]
Reorganize data [UDF]
Sean asks: Sheet1A B C D 8 Country Europe 9 Lights 100 10 Type A 200 11 12 Country USA […]
Two-way lookup using multiple tables [UDF]
This article describes a User Defined Function that lookups values in multiple cross reference tables based on two conditions. A […]
SUMIF across multiple sheets [UDF]
This post describes a User Defined Function that searches multiple ranges and adds corresponding values across worksheets in a workbook. A […]
List files in a folder and subfolders [UDF]
This article demonstrates a user defined function that lists files in a ggiven folder and subfolders. A user defined function is […]
How to save custom functions and macros to an Add-In
Macros and custom functions are great, they can automate many tedious tasks. To have them available whenever you need them, […]
Filter unique distinct records (case sensitive) [UDF]
The User Defined Function demonstrated above extracts unique distinct records also considering upper and lower case letters. For example, a record […]
Filter unique distinct values (case sensitive) [UDF]
The User Defined Function demonstrated in the above picture extracts unique distinct values also considering lower and upper case letters. […]
How to count word frequency in a cell range [UDF]
This user defined function creates a unique distinct list of words and how many times they occur in the selected […]
Fuzzy lookups [UDF]
In this post I will describe a basic user defined function with better search functionality than the array formula in […]
Filter words containing a given string in a cell range [UDF]
The image above demonstrates a User Defined Function that extracts all words containing a given string that you can specify. In […]
Find positive and negative amounts that net to zero [UDF]
Question:I would like to reduce the number of open items by identifying positive and negative amounts that net to zero […]
Find numbers in sum [UDF]
This article describes how to find a sum from a range of numbers using a user defined function. Let´s see […]
List permutations no repetition [UDF]
This blog post describes how to create permutations, repetition is NOT allowed. Permutations are items arranged in a given order meaning […]
List permutations with repetition [UDF]
This blog post demonstrates a custom function (UDF) that creates permutations. Repetition is allowed. The custom function lets you specify the […]
Filter not shared values out of two cell ranges [UDF]
This post describes a custom function (User defined Function) that extract values existing only in one out of two cell […]
Filter values in common between two cell ranges [UDF]
I tried the array formula in this post: Filter common values between two ranges using array formula in excel to […]
Filter duplicates in a large dataset [UDF]
This article demonstrates a user defined function that extracts duplicate values and also count duplicates. Example, the image below shows a list containing […]
Count unique distinct values in a large dataset [UDF]
This article describes how to count unique distinct values in list. What is a unique distinct list? Merge all duplicates to one […]
Filter unique strings from a cell range
This blog post describes how to create a list of unique words from a cell range. Unique words are all […]
Filter unique distinct words from a cell range [UDF]
This blog post describes how to create a list of unique distinct words from a cell range. Unique distinct words […]
Filter duplicate words from a cell range [UDF]
AJ Serrano asks: I have a column where each rows contains different values and I wanted to obtain the duplicate […]
Break up values in a cell range into separate cells based on a space character as a delimiter
This article demonstrates how to convert a range of cells containing strings separated by a delimiter into a range of […]
Split values equally into groups
Question: How do I divide values equally into groups (3 lists or less)? This post shows you two different approaches, […]

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