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Information functions

How to use the ERROR.TYPE function

What is the ERROR.TYPE function? The ERROR.TYPE function returns a number that represents one of the error values in Excel. […]

How to use the NA function

What is the NA function? The NA() function returns the error value #N/A meaning "value is not available". Use the […]

How to use the TYPE function

What is the TYPE function? The TYPE function returns a number representing what type of data is returned by a […]

How to use the SHEETS function

What is the SHEETS function? The SHEETS function returns the number of sheets in a reference. It returns the number of […]

How to use the SHEET function

What is the SHEET function? The SHEET function returns the sheet number of a cell reference. What is a cell […]

How to use the N function

What is the N function? The N function returns a value converted into a number. The N function in Excel […]

How to use the INFO function

What is the INFO function? The INFO function returns information about the current operating environment, file path, number of active […]

How to use the ISFORMULA function

What is the ISFORMULA function? The ISFORMULA function returns TRUE if a cell contains a formula, FALSE if cell contains […]

How to use the ISODD function

What is the ISODD function? The ISODD function returns TRUE if a cell contains an odd number, FALSE if even […]

How to use the ISERR function

What is the ISERR function? The ISERR function returns TRUE if a cell returns an error, except error value #N/A. […]

How to use the ISNA function

What is the ISNA function? The ISNA function returns TRUE if the returned value is a #N/A error. What is […]

How to use the ISREF function

What is the ISREF function? The ISREF function returns boolean value TRUE if value refers to a reference. What is […]

How to use the ISNONTEXT function

What is the ISNONTEXT function? The ISNONTEXT function returns TRUE if value is not text, also returns TRUE if cell […]

How to use the ISLOGICAL function

What is the ISLOGICAL function? The ISLOGICAL function returns TRUE if value is boolean. What is a Boolean value? A […]

How to use the ISTEXT function

What is the ISTEXT function? The ISTEXT function returns Boolean value TRUE if value is text. Use the ISTEXT function […]

How to use the ISERROR function

What is the ISERROR function? The ISERROR function returns TRUE if a cell returns an error. What is the difference […]

How to use the ISBLANK function

What is the ISBLANK function? The ISBLANK function returns TRUE if the argument is an empty cell, returns FALSE if […]

How to use the CELL function

The CELL function gets information about the formatting, location, or the contents of a cell. The formula example above in […]

How to use the ISNUMBER function

The ISNUMBER function checks if a value is a number, returns TRUE or FALSE. Table of Contents ISNUMBER Function Syntax […]