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How to do tiered calculations in one formula

The image above demonstrates a formula that calculates tiered values based on a tier table and returns a total. This […]

SUMPRODUCT and nested IF functions

I have demonstrated in a previous post how to simplify nested IF functions, in this article I will show you how […]

SUMPRODUCT if not blank

The above image demonstrates how to ignore blank cells in a SUMPRODUCT formula. The following formula is shown in cell E3.

SUMPRODUCT and IF function

You don't need to use the IF function in a SUMPRODUCT function, it is enough to use a logical expression. […]

SUMPRODUCT – multiple criteria

The formula above in cell G8 uses two conditions in cell G2 and G3 and a date range G5:G6 to […]

How to use the SUMPRODUCT function

The SUMPRODUCT function calculates the product of corresponding values and then returns the sum of each multiplication.