ISNUMBER function

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If cell contains any text

The picture above shows different values in column B and a formula in column C that tries to identifies the […]

Count cells with text

The following formula in cell D3 counts cells with values stored as text. =SUMPRODUCT(ISTEXT(B3:B14)*1) In other words, cells containing nothing, errors, […]

How to use the ISNUMBER function

The ISNUMBER function checks if a value is a number, returns TRUE or FALSE. Table of Contents ISNUMBER Function Syntax […]

Count cells containing text from list

The array formula in cell F3 counts cells in column B that contains at least one of the values in […]

INDEX MATCH – Case sensitive

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INDEX MATCH – multiple results

This article demonstrates how to use INDEX and MATCH functions to lookup and return multiple results. The lookup value is […]

Match two columns

This article demonstrates formulas that match two conditions in a column each and return another value on the same row […]

INDEX MATCH with multiple criteria

This article demonstrates formulas that let you perform lookups using two or more conditions. The image above shows two conditions […]

If cell contains text

This article demonstrates different formulas based on if a cell contains a given text. Formula in cell C3: =B3=$E$3 The […]

Partial match values and return value with highest level

This article demonstrates a formula that searches a cell (partial match) based on values in a table and returns a […]

Search for a sequence of cells based on wildcard search

This article demonstrates array formulas that perform a wildcard search based on a sequence of values. The formulas return the […]

Working with classic ciphers in Excel

What's on this page Reverse text Insert random characters Convert letters to numbers How to shuffle characters in the alphabet […]

Sort and return unique distinct single digits from cell range

This article demonstrates a formula that filters unique distinct single digits from a cell range containing numbers. Cell range B3:B6 […]

Wildcard lookups and include or exclude criteria

This article demonstrates three different ways to filter a data set if a value contains a specific string and if […]

Partial match and return multiple adjacent values

This article demonstrates array formulas that search for cell values containing a search string and returns corresponding values on the […]

Count weekday within date range except holidays

Steve asks: Right now I'm using the following formula to tell me how many of a specific defined day, ie […]

Filter unique distinct values, sorted and blanks removed from a range

EEK asks: I am looking for the same formula on this page, but targeting a range of MxN (spanning multiple […]

Search each column for a string each and return multiple records – OR logic

RU asks: Can you please suggest if i want to find out the rows with fixed value in "First Name" […]

Return multiple matches with wildcard vlookup

Mr.Excel had a "challenge of the month" June/July 2008 about Wildcard VLOOKUP: "The data in column A contains a series […]

Extract a unique distinct list sorted from A to Z ignore blanks

The image above demonstrates a formula in cell D3 that extracts unique distinct numbers and text values sorted from A […]

Extract unique distinct values if value contains string

The image above demonstrates a formula in cell F3 that extracts unique distinct values from column B if they contain […]

Filter duplicate values in a range using “contain” condition

The array formula in cell B10 extracts duplicate values from cell range B2:D4 if they contain string specified in cell […]

Extract unique distinct text values containing string in a range

The formula in cell B10 extracts unique distinct values from cell range B2:d4 that contains the string specified in cell […]

5 easy ways to VLOOKUP and return multiple values

This post explains how to lookup a value and return multiple values. No array formula required.

Extract numbers from a column

I this article I will show you how to get numerical values from a cell range manually and using an […]

Search and display all cells that contain multiple search strings

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Sum cells containing numbers and text based on a condition

Question: I want to sum cells that have a "C" and a decimal number. The cells have other numbers and […]

Perform multiple partial matches and return records – AND logic

Question: Can expand this equation set into more than two colums of data, say if I had a first, middle […]

Exact word in string

I read an interesting blog post Is A Particular Word Contained In A Text String? on Spreadsheetpage. That inspired me […]

Search for a text string in a data set and return multiple records

This article explains different techniques that filter rows/records that contain a given text string in any of the cell values […]

Partial match based on two conditions

Question: I want to search two columns with two search strings? The strings can be anywhere in these two columns […]

Partial match with two conditions and return multiple results

This article demonstrates a formula that extracts a row or record from a data table using two strings as criteria. […]

Partial match for multiple strings – AND logic

This article demonstrates formulas that let you perform partial matches based on multiple strings and return those strings if all […]

Count how many times a string exists in a cell range (case insensitive)

Question: How do I count how many times a word exists in a range of cells? It does not have […]