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How to filter using OR logic between columns [Formula]

The filter feature in Excel won't allow you to do OR logic between columns, however, you can if you allow […]

If cell equals value from list

Regular formula Formula in cell C3: =IF(COUNTIF($E$3:$E$5,B3),"Yes","No") The COUNTIF function counts how many values in E3:E5¬†match cell B3, it returns […]

IF with OR function

The formula above in cell D3 performs two different logical tests, if at least one of them is TRUE one […]

How to use the OR function

The OR function allows you to carry out a logical test in each¬†argument and if at least one argument returns […]

Dynamic formatting

Question: I have a list that I keep adding rows to. How do i create a border that expands as […]

Highlight every other row

Here is how to highlight every other row using conditional formatting. Conditional formatting formula: =ISEVEN(ROW())*OR($B3:$D3<>"") Alternative CF formula: =EVEN(ROW())=ROW() This […]