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Calendar – monthly view

Tesh asks: How easy is it to modify this for recurring tasks (weekdays, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly) and maybe […]

Pivot table calendar

Today let's learn how to create a simple pivot table calendar! The animated gif below shows you the pivot table […]

Yet another Excel Calendar

The first sheet is named "Calendar" and contains a calendar showing all dates, weekdays and if a date is highlighted […]

Heat map yearly calendar

The calendar shown in the image above highlights events based on frequency. It is made only with a few conditional […]

Highlight events in a yearly calendar

This article demonstrates how to highlight given date ranges in a yearly calendar, this calendar allows you to change the […]

Use a calendar to filter an Excel defined Table

This article demonstrates how to filter an Excel defined Table based on the selected cell in a calendar. The calendar […]

Excel calendar [VBA]

This workbook contains two worksheets, one worksheet shows a calendar and the other worksheet is used to store events. The […]

Plot date ranges in a calendar part 2

I will in this article demonstrate a calendar that automatically highlights dates based on date ranges, the calendar populates names […]

Create a drop down calendar

The drop down calendar in the image above uses a "calculation" sheet and a named range. You can copy the drop-down […]

Weekly appointment calendar

This weekly calendar is easy to customize, you can change calendar settings in sheet "Settings": Start date (preferably a Sunday or […]

Monthly calendar template #2

I have created another monthly calendar template for you to download. Select a month and year in cells A1 and […]

Monthly calendar template

The image above shows a calendar that is dynamic meaning you choose year and month and the calendar instantly updates […]

Extract dates from a cell block schedule

Sam asks: One more question for the Calendar that you have set up above can we have a excel formula […]

Highlight specific time ranges in a weekly schedule

In a previous post I created a simple weekly schedule with dynamic dates, in this post I am going to […]

Plot date ranges in a calendar

The image above demonstrates cells highlighted using a conditional formatting formula based on a table containing date ranges. The calendar […]

Calendar with scheduling [vba]

Here is my contribution to all excel calendars out there. My calendar is created in Excel 2007 and uses both […]