Author: Oscar Cronquist Article last updated on January 07, 2019

This article demonstrates a basic invoice template I created. It lets you use dropdown lists to quickly select products on a price list. You can easily add/remove data on "price list" sheet.


How to use invoice template

  1. Specify quantity in column B (B16:B38)
  2. Select a category in column C, these are cells containing unique distinct category values from sheet "price_list".
  3. Select an Item in column E, these are cells containing dependent drop down lists populated with values from sheet "price_list" based on category in column C.
  4. The amount in column H is calculated automatically based on the selected value in column C and the specified quantity in column B.
  5. Select a product and the formula calculates the total price.

How to copy dependent drop down lists

  1. Select a cell containing drop-down list
  2. Copy cell
  3. Right click on new cell
  4. Click "Paste Special..."
  5. Click "Validation"
  6. Click OK!

Download Excel file