Author: Oscar Cronquist Article last updated on December 27, 2018

Here is my contribution to all excel calendars out there. My calendar is created in Excel 2007 and uses both vba and formula.

I will explain how I created this calendar in an upcoming post. You can download the excel calendar file here: Excel calendar.xlsm You need to enable macros to use this calendar.


Select a week

  1. Select a week using spinner buttons or type a date in date cells

How to add a record

  1. Double click a cell
  2. Type text in title window and text window
  3. Click Save button on userform

How to delete a record

  1. Double click a cell
  2. Click Delete button on userform

Overview Calendar

The overview calendar makes spinner button navigation easier. The selected week is colored gray and the date today is yellow.

Download Excel file