Author: Oscar Cronquist Article last updated on September 27, 2018

The CHIINV function calculates the inverse probability of the chi-squared distribution.

The CHIINV function is outdated and you will find it in the compatibility category, the function has been replaced by the CHISQ.INV function and the CHISQ.INV.RT function.

Formula in cell C6:


Excel Function Syntax



probability Required. A numerical value representing the probability with the chi-squared distribution.
deg_freedom Required. A numerical value representing the degrees of freedom.


The CHIINV function returns

  • #VALUE! error value if probability or deg_freedom argument is non-numeric.
  • #NUM! error value if:
    • probability < 0 (zero)
    • probability > 1 (zero)
    • deg_freedom  < 1

deg_freedom argument is converted into integers if necessary.

The CHIDIST and CHINV functions are related. CHIDIST(x, deg_freedom) = probability then CHINV(probability deg_freedom) = x