Author: Oscar Cronquist Article last updated on October 15, 2018

The F.DIST.RT function calculates the right-tailed F probability for two tests. This function was introduced in Excel 2010 and has replaced the FDIST function.

Formula in cell C7:


Excel Function Syntax

F.DIST.RT(x, deg_freedom1, deg_freedom2)


x Required.
deg_freedom1 Required. Degrees of freedom (numerator).
deg_freedom2 Required. Degrees of freedom (denominator).


The F.DIST.RT function returns

  • #VALUE! error value if any argument is non-numeric.
  • #NUM! error value if:
    • x < 0 (zero)
    • deg_freedom1 < 1
    • deg_freedom2 < 1

deg_freedom1 and deg_freedom2 will be converted into integers if they are not.