Author: Oscar Cronquist Article last updated on May 11, 2022

The LOGNORMDIST function calculates the lognormal distribution of argument x, based on a normally distributed ln(x) with the arguments of mean and standard_dev.

This function has replaced the LOGNORMDIST function.

Formula in cell C7:


Excel Function Syntax

LOGNORM.DIST(x, mean, standard_dev, cumulative)


x Required.
mean Required. A value representing the mean of ln(x).
standard_dev Required. A value representing the standard deviation of ln(x).
cumulative Required. A boolean value determining the form of the function.
TRUE - cumulative distribution function
FALSE - probability density function


The LOGNORM.DIST function returns

  • #VALUE! error value if any argument is non-numeric.
  • #NUM! error value if:
    • x <= 0
    • standard_dev <= 0

The equation to calculate the lognormal cumulative distribution is:

LOGNORM.DIST(x,µ,σ) = NORM.S.DIST(ln(x)-µ / σ)