How to sum cells with check boxes "enabled", see picture.

How to create a check box

  1. Go to the developer ribbonEnable the developer ribbon by pressing the "office" button and click "Excel options".
    Click "Popular" tab and enable "Show Developer tab in the ribbon"
  2. Click "Insert" in the "Control" window

  3. Click checkbox

  4. Click and hold left mouse button to create a check box

How to link check box with a cell

  1. Right click on a check box
  2. Click "Format control..."
  3. Go to tab "Control"
  4. Click cell link button
  5. Select a cell
  6. Press Enter and the click ok!

How to create a cell formula that sums all cell values that have an adjacent check box enabled

  1.  Enter this formula =SUMPRODUCT(($B$1:$B$16=TRUE)*$C$1:$C$16) to sum values i column C.