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The SIN function calculates the sine of an angle.

Formula in cell C3:


Excel Function Syntax



number Required. The radian angle you want to know the sine of.


Use the RADIANS function to convert degrees to radians.

How to plot a sine wave on a chart

PLot a sine wave

The steps below describe in great detail how to graph a sine wave in an Excel chart.

Plot a sine wave radians

The SIN function requires you to use radians in the function argument. Select cell B3 and type 0 (zero) then press Enter.

Type in cell B4: =PI()*(ROW(A1)/4)

Press Enter. Copy cell B4 and paste to cells below as far as needed.

Plot a sine wave move chart 2

Select cell C3. Type =SIN(B3)

Double click on the black dot in the lower right cell corner.

Copy cell 1

This will copy cell C3 to cells below as far as needed based on values in the adjacent column B.

Select cell range B3:C12 and go to tab "Insert" on the ribbon.

Plot a sine wave scatter chart button

Click the "Scatter" button, a pop-up menu appears. Click "Scatter with Smooth Lines and Markers" button, see image above.

The chart appears, click and hold with the left mouse button on the chart. Drag with mouse to move the chart to the desired location. Release the left mouse button when the new location is reached.

Plot a sine wave move chart 1

Doubleclick on the y-axis to quickly show axis chart settings.

Plot a sine wave move x axis

Click radio button "Axis value" below "Horizontal axis crosses". Type -1.5 in the field next to the radio button, see image above. Press Enter.

Plot a sine wave move x axis1

You have now moved the x-axis below the cell grid.

Copy cell B13.

Explaining formula in cell C3

Step 1 - Create a sequence


Step 2 - Divide with 4


Step 3 - Multiply with pi


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