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Get date ranges from a schedule

The above picture shows you two formulas that extract names (column B) and date ranges (column C and D) based […]

Count rows with data

The formula in cell B17 counts rows in cell range B3:D17 when at least one cell per row contains data. […]

Count cells containing text from list

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Extract records containing digits [Formula]

Liam asks: Hello Oscar, What code is needed to cause cells in Columns F - I to fill with the […]

Count overlapping days across multiple date ranges

This post demonstrates a formula in cell D16 that counts overlapping dates across multiple date ranges. The date ranges are […]

Count overlapping days in multiple date ranges

The MEDIAN function lets you count overlapping dates between two date ranges. If you have more than two date ranges […]

Dynamic scoreboard

This article demonstrates a scoreboard, displayed to the left, that sorts contestants based on total scores and refreshes instantly each […]

Working with overlapping date ranges

Today's blog post is about date ranges, the techniques demonstrated here can also be applied to time or other numerical […]

Find numbers closest to sum

Excelxor is such a great website for inspiration, I am really impressed by this post Which numbers add up to […]

How to use the MMULT function

The MMULT function calculatesĀ the matrix product of two arrays, an array as the same number of rows as array1 and […]