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How to ignore error values using the SMALL function

The image above shows you a formula in cell D3 that tries to get the smallest number from cell range […]

SMALL function with multiple cell ranges

Today I learned how to sort numbers from multiple cell ranges thanks to Sam Miller. It is surprisingly simple and easy. […]


The array formula in cell C11 gets 3 values in one fetch, the INDEX function allows you to do that […]

How to ignore zeros using the SMALL function

The formula in cell D3 is an array formula, it will extract the k-th smallest value ignoring zeros.

SMALL function – multiple conditions

The array formula in D10 extracts numbers sorted from small to large from column D if Region is equal to […]

SMALL function for text

The array formula in column E, shown in above picture sorts text values from column B. The Length columns prove […]

SMALL function with duplicates

The formulas in column E, shown in the picture above, extracts the k-th smallest value from B3:B9 ignoring the duplicate numbers. […]

How to use the SMALL function

The SMALL function lets you extract a number in a cell range based on how small it is compared to the other numbers in the group.