Author: Oscar Cronquist Article last updated on February 23, 2019

This article explains different techniques that filter rows/records that contain a given text string in any of the cell values in a record. Example, row 3 is extracted above because string AA is found in cell C3. Row 4 and 5 are also extracted because string AA is found in cell D4 and E5 respectively.

How do I extract rows that contain a string in a data set or table?
You can use a formula to extract records based on a search value, it also returns multiple records if there are any that match. The advantage of using a formula is that it is dynamic meaning the result changes as soon as a new search value is entered. The downside with the formula is that it may become slow if you have lots of data to work with.

How do I filter rows that contain a string using Advanced Filter?
You also have the option to filter records using an Advanced Filter, it allows you to perform multiple search values using OR-logic across multiple columns. This article explains how to set it up, jeep in mind that it needs a small amount of manual work in order to apply new filters.

How do I filter rows that contain a string using an Excel defined Table?
The Excel defined Table needs the COUNTIF function to accomplish the task which may slow down the calculation considerably if your data set is huge. I recommend using the Advanced Filter if speed is an issue.

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