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How to add lines between stacked columns/bars [Excel charts]
The image above shows lines between each colored column, here is how to add them automatically to your chart. Select […]
Use slicers to quickly filter chart data
Slicers let you control data displayed in a chart, simply press with left mouse button on a button to quickly […]
Group chart categories
The image above shows you categories (countries) grouped into regions making this chart a lot cleaner and easier to read. How […]
Four ways to resize a chart
To be able to resize a chart you must first select it, you do that by press with left mouse button […]
How to align chart with cell grid
This trick is so simple and also an incredible time-saver if you want to build beautiful worksheets or dashboards where […]
Rearrange data source in order to create a dynamic chart
Fatou asks: Going back to my question, I had created a table and used the data to create a chart. […]
How to create a dynamic chart
Question: How do I create a chart that dynamically adds the values, as i type them on the worksheet? Answer: […]

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