Author: Oscar Cronquist Article last updated on August 26, 2017

I found an interesting chart on CNN's website: Rise of the supersize rugby player It shows the average height of athletes for the past 40 years. Check it out.

It made me think how can I do this in excel? First I drew this nice man. I am going to use him in my chart. It is not as nice as the other chart but it will do.

I searched for average heights around the world and found some statistics: Wikipedia. I chose a few countries and built a small data table.

Select the table and go to tab "Insert" on the ribbon. Select a new clustered column chart.

Delete the legend then right click on the data series. Click "Format Data Series...". Click Series Options and change gap width to 20%.

Click Fill and "Picture or texture fill". Click "File..." button. Select a picture. Click Insert.

Change the y-axis minimum value, right click y-axis. Click "Format axis..." and change minimum value to 0 (zero). Click OK.

Download excel *.xlsx file


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