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How to add a logarithmic trendline in a chart
Excel lets you easily add a best-fit curved logarithmic trendline calculated based on the method of least squares. How to […]
How to add chart gridlines
Chart gridlines are great for making the chart data more readable and detailed, Excel allows you to add major and […]
How to add Error Bars in a chart
Enable error bars when you want to show, for example, standard deviations in a chart, Excel lets you insert error […]
How to add a moving average to a chart
A moving average smooths out short-term variations to show a long-term trend or cycle. The chart above shows random values […]
How to add a linear trendline to a chart
Excel allows you to insert a linear chart trendline that displays a straight line calculated based on the method of […]
How to customize the chart legend
You can easily customize the font, font size, font color etc of the chart legend: Select legend. Go to tab […]
Two y-axes in one chart
The image above demonstrates a line chart containing two data series and two y-axes, one for each data series. I […]
How to add and customize chart data labels
The image above demonstrates data labels in a line chart, each data point in the chart series has a visible […]
How to customize chart tick marks
The image above shows tick mars in a line chart, there are two types of tick marks, major and minor […]
How to customize a chart data series
To change the looks of a data series simply double-press with left mouse button on with left mouse button on […]
How to customize chart axis titles
The x-axis and y-axis titles are just as easy to format and customize as the other chart elements. How to […]
How to customize the plot area
The plot area refers to the location of the chart that displays the actual data represented by lines, bars, columns, […]
How to customize the chart title
I recommend that the chart title is short and easy to understand. How to add a chart title Follow these […]
How to customize the chart area
The chart area contains all components. If you choose to format the chart area you can change things like border, […]
How to customize chart axis
  Most Excel charts consist of an x-axis and a y-axis, Excel allows you to easily change the looks of […]
Excel chart components
  Charts in Microsoft Excel lets you visualize, analyze and explain data. Charting in Excel is very easy and you […]

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