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How to create a column chart

The clustered column chart allows you to graph data in vertical bars, this layout makes it easy to compare values […]

How to add horizontal line to chart

This tutorial shows you how to add a horizontal/vertical line to a chart. Excel allows you to combine two types […]

Highlight a column in a stacked column chart

This interactive chart allows you to select a country by press with left mouse button oning on a spin button. […]

How to replace columns with pictures in a column chart

I found an interesting chart on CNN's website: Rise of the supersize rugby player It shows the average height of¬†athletes […]

How to animate an Excel chart

This article demonstrates how to create a chart that animates the columns when filtering chart data. The columns change incrementally […]

Color chart columns based on cell color

This article demonstrates macros that automatically changes the chart bar colors based on the corresponding cell, the first example is […]