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How to create a scatter chart

The scatter chart is great for charting numeric values in pairs, for example, coordinates. It lets you compare multiple data […]

How to graph a Normal Distribution

The chart above is built using the NORM.DIST function and is called Normal Distribution or Bell Curve chart. This curve is often […]

How to graph an equation

The picture above shows the following equation x^3+3*x^2-3 plotted on an x y scatter chart. Here are the instructions on how […]

How to add horizontal line to chart

This tutorial shows you how to add a horizontal/vertical line to a chart. Excel allows you to combine two types […]

Improve your X Y Scatter Chart with custom data labels

The picture above shows a chart that has custom data labels, they are linked to specific cell values. This means […]

Add pictures to a chart axis

This article demonstrates how to insert pictures to a chart axis, the picture above shows a column chart with country […]

How to build an interactive map in Excel

This article describes how to create a map in Excel, the map is an x y scatter chart with an […]

Highlight group of values in an x y scatter chart programmatically

I will in this article demonstrate how to highlight a group of values plotted in an x y scatter chart […]