Author: Oscar Cronquist Article last updated on November 15, 2018

The Evaluate method converts an Excel name to an object or value.

The picture above demonstrates a macro that uses the Evaluate method to sum numbers in cell range B3:B10.

Excel Name Description
A1-style reference Excel handles references as absolute references.
Range The following characters are valid:
Range (colon)
Intersect (space)
Union (comma)
Excel defined name Any name.
External reference You are allowed to refer to a cell in another workbook.
Chart object Any chart object name.

Excel Method Syntax

expression.Evaluate( Name )


Name Required. The object name, data type: Variant.


Square brackets are the same as using the Evaluate method with a string parameter, examples:

Evaluate Square brackets
Evaluate("D4").Value = 10 [D4].Value = 10
Evaluate("MATCH(1,{2,3,4,1},0)") [MATCH(1,{2,3,4,1},0)]