Author: Oscar Cronquist Article last updated on January 25, 2018
Function Grade(score)

Select Case score
    Case Is < 60
        Grade = "F"
    Case 61 To 64
        Grade = "D"
    Case 65 To 69
        Grade = "D+"
    Case 70 To 74
        Grade = "C"
    Case 75 To 79
        Grade = "C+"
    Case 80 To 84
        Grade = "B"
    Case 85 To 89
        Grade = "B+"
    Case 90 To 94
        Grade = "A"
    Case Else
        Grade = "A+"
    End Select
End Function

The SELECT CASE statement allows you to compare an expression to multiple values.

It is similar to the IF THEN ELSE statement except that the IF THEN ELSE statement can evaluate multiple expressions. The SELECT CASE statement evaluates one expression.

The User Defined Function above compares the score to several criteria and returns the corresponding grade.

The UDF is entered in column D and takes the score from column C and returns the grade.

UDF in cell D3:


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