FOR NEXT statement

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How to use the FOR NEXT statement

The picture above demonstrates a FOR NEXT statement that goes through each cell value in cell range B3:B8 and adds it to […]

Resize a range of values

The user defined function demonstrated in the animated ggif below, resizes a range you specify to columns or rows you also […]

List comments [VBA]

Did you know that you can select all comments in the current sheet? Press F5, click "Special..." button, select "Comments" […]

Finding the shortest path – A * pathfinding

Two months ago I posted some interesting stuff I found: Shortest path. Let me explain, someone created a workbook that calculated […]

Create links to all sheets in a workbook

The macro demonstrated above creates hyperlinks to all worksheets in the current worksheet.  You will then be able to quickly […]

Combine cell ranges ignore blank cells

The image above demonstrates a user defined function that merges up to 255 cell ranges and removes blanks. I will also […]