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Search for a file in folder and subfolders [UDF]
Table of Contents Search for a file in folder and sub folders - User Defined Function Search for a file […]
Split search value using a delimiter and search for each substring
This article demonstrates formulas and a UDF that searches for values in a table based on concatenated values and returns […]
How to count the number of values separated by a delimiter
This article demonstrates formulas that count values in cell based on a delimiting character. The image above shows a formula […]
Count unique distinct values by cell color
This article demonstrates a User Defined Function (UDF) that counts unique distinct cell values based on a given cell color. […]
Lookup multiple values in one cell
This article explains how to perform multiple lookups based on values in one cell with a delimiting character using a […]
Extract unique distinct values in a filtered list
This article demonstrates two formulas that extract distinct values from a filtered Excel Table, one formula for Excel 365 subscribers […]
Rearrange data
Sean asks: Sheet1A B C D 8 Country Europe 9 Lights 100 10 Type A 200 11 12 Country USA […]
Two-way lookup in multiple cross reference tables simultaneously
This article describes two ways to perform lookups in multiple in multiple cross reference tables simultaneously. The first one being […]
How to save custom functions and macros to an Add-In
Table of Contents How to save custom functions and macros to an Add-In How to add a custom-made item to […]
Analyze word frequency in a cell range
This article demonstrates two ways to calculate the number of times each word appears in a given range of cells. […]
Filter unique strings from a cell range
This blog post describes how to create a list of unique words from a cell range. Unique words are all […]
Split values equally into groups
  Table of Contents Split values equally into groups Rearrange values based on category - VBA 1. Split values equally […]

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