Author: Oscar Cronquist Article last updated on November 15, 2022

How to use the IMPRODUCT function 1

The IMPRODUCT function calculates the product of complex numbers in x + yi or x + yj text format.

The letter j is used in electrical engineering to distinguish between the imaginary value and the electric current.

A product of two complex numbers is calculated like this:

C1 = x + yi
C2 = z + wi

IMPRODUCT(C1,C2) = (x+y)(z+w) = (xz - yw) + (xw + yz)i

1. IMPRODUCT Function Syntax

IMPRODUCT(inumber1, [inumber2], ...)

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2. IMPRODUCT Function Arguments

inumber1  Required. A complex number in x+yi or x+yj text format.
[inumber2] Optional. Up to 255 complex numbers to multiply.

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3. IMPRODUCT function example

How to use the IMPRODUCT function 1

The image above demonstrates a formula in cell D3 that calculates the product of two complex numbers specified in cells C3 and B3.

Formula in cell C3:


3.1 Explaining formula

Step 1 - Populate arguments

IMPRODUCT(inumber, number)



Step 2 - Evaluate the IMPRODUCT function



IMPRODUCT("1+2i", "-1-2i")

and returns


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