You can quickly run a macro using a drop down list. The drop down list may contain multiple macro names.

Run a macro from a drop down list

Here is how I did it.

Create a drop down list

  1. Select cell B2
  2. Go to tab "Data"
  3. Click "Data validation"
    run a macro from a drop down list
  4. Select list
  5. Type your macro names in Source: field, separated by a comma.
  6. Click ok.

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Create a change event

  1. Right click on sheet name
  2. Click "View code"
    view excel sheet code
  3. The Visual Basic Editor opens. Copy vba event code below.
  4. Paste to sheet1 code module
    view excel sheet code1
  5. Exit VB Editor (Alt + Q)

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VBA Event code

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("B2")) Is Nothing Then
    Select Case Range("B2")
        Case "Macro1": Macro1
        Case "Macro2": Macro2
    End Select
End If
End Sub

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Download excel *.xlsm file
Run a macro from a drop down list.xlsm