Author: Oscar Cronquist Article last updated on April 11, 2018

The Quick Access Toolbar is located at the very top of your Excel window, I highly recommend that you place your most used commands and macros there.

Here are the steps needed to create a macro button on the Quick Access Toolbar:

  1. Click the rightmost button on the Quick Access Toolbar to customize the Quick Access Toolbar
  2. Click "More Commands..." button.
  3. Click the left drop down button
  4. Select "Macros"
  5. Select Macro1
  6. Click "Add >>" button
  7. Click "Modify"
  8. Pick an icon for your macro.
  9. Click OK button
  10. Click OK button

The picture below shows the new button on the Quick Access Toolbar. Click it to launch macro1.

The following post demonstrates how to save your macros in a personal Excel file so you can use your macros in any workbook you have open:

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