Mark Graveson asks:

A little off topic question, but I am thinking outside the box a little.

I have two charts that display different data sets for the same projects. I want the formatting of the series (projects) to be the same on each chart so they are recognizable  Could similar VBA code be used to format the fill colour on the charts based on how you colour the series names in the data tables?

format the fill colour on a chart based on cell color

(Animated gif)

VBA code

Sub ColorChartColumnsbyCellColor()
With Sheets("Sheet1").ChartObjects(1).Chart.SeriesCollection(1)
    Set vAddress = ActiveSheet.Range(Split(Split(.Formula, ",")(1), "!")(1))
    For i = 1 To vAddress.Cells.Count
        .Points(i).Format.Fill.ForeColor.RGB = ThisWorkbook.Colors(vAddress.Cells(i).Interior.ColorIndex)
    Next i
End With
End Sub

Download excel *.xlsm file

Color chart columns by cell color.xlsm