Author: Oscar Cronquist Article last updated on October 28, 2018

Danielle asks:

I have a schedule that I am working with and based on one date (ie. 6/4/12) different processes take different times to complete (ie. one step could only take a week, another could take up to 4 weeks). Is there a formula I can use to calculate each step in the process based off of the date range of completion for the first step in the process?

So for example, if you look at the BBD date at the bottom, all of the steps above it take a certain amount of time to complete and have to be finished on time in order for the project to be complete by 1/4/2013. Instead of typing in manually the date ranges I am trying to write a formula that will allow me to input the project date (ie 1/4/2013) and have all of the other steps populate themselves based on how long they take to complete (ie. the manuscript to CE step could take 2 weeks, the manuscript from CE could take 1 week and so on). I hope that makes sense??

ie. ONE ROUND From: To:
Manuscript turnover 6/25/2012 7/30/2012
Manuscript to CE 8/6/2012
Manuscript from CE 8/20/2012
Manuscript to author 8/27/2012
Manuscript from author 9/10/2012

Ms to comp 9/3/2012 9/17/2012
Pages from comp 10/8/2012
Pages from author 10/22/2012

Pages to proofreader 10/29/2012
Pages from proofreader 11/12/2012
Pages to comp 11/19/2012
Confirming proofs 11/26/2012
Ship to printer 12/3/2012

BBD 1/4/2013


I calculated the duration for each step (column D) and the days between (column E).

I then used the calculations in column D and E to calculate new dates (column H and I) based on a new finish date (cell I11).

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