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SUMX2PY2 function Calculates the sum of the sum of squares of corresponding values in two arrays. Math and trigonometry
SUMXMY2 function Calculates the sum of squares of differences of corresponding values in two arrays. Math and trigonometry
SWITCH function Returns a given value determined by an expression and a list of values. Logical
SYD function Calculates the yearly asset depreciation of a given year. Financial
T function Returns a text value if the argument is a text value. Text
TAN function Calculates the tangent of an angle. Math and trigonometry
TANH function Calculates the hyperbolic tangent of a number. Math and trigonometry
TBILLPRICE function Calculates the par amount (face value) for a Treasury bill. Financial
TBILLYIELD function Calculates the yield for a Treasury bill. Financial
TEXT function Converts a value to text in a specific number format. Text
TEXTJOIN function Combine text strings from multiple cell ranges. Text
TIME function Returns a decimal value between 0 (zero) representing 12:00:00 AM and 0.99988426 representing 11:59:59 P.M. Date and Time
TIMEVALUE function Returns a decimal number based on a text string. Date and Time
TODAY function Returns the Excel date (serial number) of the current date. Date and Time
TRANSPOSE function Converts a vertical range to a horizontal range, or vice versa. Lookup and reference
TREND function Calculates values along a linear trend. Statistical
TRIM function Deletes all blanks or space characters except single blanks between words in a cell value. Text
TRIMMEAN function Calculates the mean of the interior of a data set. Statistical
TRUE function Returns the logical (boolean) value TRUE. Logical
TRUNC function Removes the fractional part of the number to an integer. Math and trigonometry
TYPE function Use TYPE to find out what type of data is returned by a function or formula. Information
UNICHAR function Calculates a character based on a Unicode number. Text
UNICODE function Returns a Unicode number based on a character. Text
UPPER function Converts a value to upper case letters. Text
VALUE function Converts a text string that represents a number to a number. Text
VAR.P function Returns the variance based on the entire population. The function ignores logical and text values. Statistical
VAR.S function The VAR.S function tries to estimate the variance based on a sample of the population. The function ignores logical and text values. Statistical
VDB function Calculates the depreciation of an asset for a given period using the double-declining balance method or based on user input, you may use partial periods in this function. Financial
VLOOKUP function Lets you search the leftmost column for a value and return another value on the same row in a column you specify. Lookup and reference
WEBSERVICE function Gets data from a web service on the Internet or Intranet. Web
WEEKDAY function Converts a date to a weekday number from 1 to 7. Date and Time

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