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WEEKDAY function Converts a date to a weekday number from 1 to 7. Date and Time
WEEKNUM function Calculates a given date's week number based on a return_type parameter that determines which day the week begins. Date and Time
WORKDAY function Returns a date based on a start date and a given number of working days (nonweekend and nonholidays). Date and Time
XNPV function Financial
XOR function Calculates the logical exclusive OR meaning if at least one of the arguments evaluates to TRUE then the XOR returns TRUE. All arguments must be evaluated to FALSE for the XOR function to return FALSE. Logical
YEAR function Converts a date to a number representing the year in the date. Date and Time
YEARFRAC function Returns the fraction of the year based on the number of whole days between a start date and an end date. Date and Time
YIELD function Calculates the yield for a security that pays interest. The YIELD function is designed to calculate the bond yield. Financial

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