Author: Oscar Cronquist Article last updated on August 23, 2013

Right now most kids in Sweden are back in school after summer holidays. Their parents have had 4 to 6 weeks vacation during summer so it has been a time of joy and happiness.

I have created an excel workbook that teaches kids basic arithmetics.


arithmetics - addition


arithmetics - subtraction


arithmetics - multiplication


arithmetics - division

As you can see, this workbook could be really useful for me also. ;-)


  1. Cell C20 and E20 let´s you select a number range.
  2. Click "New numbers" button and new random numbers are created and old answers are deleted.

RAND and RANDBETWEEN are volatile functions. They recalculate on each change of the spreadsheet, so they can´t be used in this workbook. The workbook contains custom functions inspired from Bacon bits:
Stupid Random Numbers Keep Recalculating

Download excel *.xlsm workbook

Mathematics - basic arithmetics.xlsm